Interior Painting

Paint can transform any room in your home. It's an easy way to give a space a quick yet impactful decorating makeover. Take the guesswork out of choosing paint colors with our tips and tricks for picking the right shade every time. Browse our interior painting ideas to use in your bathroom, living room, bedroom, office, kitchen, or dining room. We'll also show you how to put together a perfect color scheme. And painting a room is more than just picking the right colors. A successful paint job also involves using the right tools and techniques. Learn how to paint almost any surface, including metal, and ceramic; what you need to do before you paint; the tools you need, and plenty of handy expert painting tips. Once you're ready for the job, we've made DIY painting easy with our step-by-step wall painting guide. And before you start picking paint colors, visit our virtual paint tool, My Color Finder, to try out paint color before you even pick up a brush.

More Expert Painting Advice
Choosing Paint Colors

Choose paint color confidently by following these 10 tips.

Picking a Wall Color

Learn how to pick a wall paint color with these tried-and-true tips.

Painting: Where to Start
Choosing a Paint Color

You've decided to tackle a paint job! First, you'll want to pick the top color. Use these 10 tricks to guide you to success.

What to Know Before You Paint

Before you start putting color on the walls, read these smart tips and tricks for prepping for your paint job.

Paint Tricks to Know
Secrets that Make Painting Easier

Be prepared for any paint job with these top tips, which will help you complete your painting like a pro.

Must-Have Tools

Stock your tool box with these painting tools and you'll be ready for anything.

Ready, Set, Paint!
The Best Way to Paint a Room

From taping to rolling, this step-by-step method makes painting a room oh-so-easy.

Finish Right: Easy Clean-Up

Watch and learn the tricks that make cleaning up after a paint job super simple.

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Painting Ideas and Tips
Paint Projects

Tools & Quizzes
My Color Finder

Explore new colors and find a new paint palette for your home.

What's Your Color Personality?

Answer a few questions about you and get a custom color palette!