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This is the year to tackle your yard, making it a beautiful space to play, relax, and entertain. We have the essential tools you need in our Garden Plan Finder and selection of garden plans. Start by letting us do the planning work; take our short Garden Plan Finder quiz. All you have to know is the size of your space, how much sun and moisture your landscape gets, and a few other simple garden conditions that might affect your yard, such as concerns about deer. You'll get detailed plant lists and a plan, as well as an illustration of the garden when it's full-grown. It just takes a trip to your local nursery (or a click to the BHG Garden Store) to acquire all the plants you need. If you know your conditions and are simply looking for inspiring plans, try one of our nearly 40 free plans. For shade, we have 18 selections that will supply your yard with color and texture. If your yard is sunny, check out our 21 summer garden plans that will have you relishing the blooms and beauty outside your own door. We also have plans for vegetable spaces, cottage gardens, small-space gardening, and no-fuss areas.

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Easy Vegetable-Garden Plans

It's a cinch to grow your own food with style: Just use one of our plans.

Stunning Small-Space Plans

Create big drama even if a small space. We have the perfect garden plan for any size yard.

How to Plan a Garden
How to Plan a Garden
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Design your garden online with our free Plan-a-Garden tool, which allows you to drag and drop plants on a variety of backgrounds.

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