Garden Plans by Size

Whether your garden is big or small, you probably share some goals with other gardeners: Create a beautiful, impactful space that offers private spots as well as areas to entertain and play with friends and family. To divide and conquer the tasks in your yard -- and include all those must-haves -- start with a landscape plan that accommodates your yard's size. Look here for inspiration. We have nearly 30 garden plans organized by size. If you're starting small, you don't need to sacrifice beauty, privacy, or shared spaces. Our 15 garden plans integrate rewarding blooms and structure all year long, as well as inventive ways to include outdoor rooms in your landscape. If you're working with a midsize landscape, try one of our seven medium-size garden plans. They're great at balancing a bit more outdoor square footage with the need for hardworking plants, trees, shrubs, and more. Finally, if your yard is expansive, you'll be able to rely on impact-making plants and focal points. Try one of our seven garden plans for color, texture, and variety.

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Large-Size Plans

Use these garden plans to fill large spaces with bold color.

Medium-Size Plans

These garden plans aren't too large or too small -- they're just right!

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Garden Plans by Size